Mina Trovato

Your Muse and Companion in Barcelona and Beyond

“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” 
― Pablo Picasso

Sometimes, fiction allows us to explore the kind of truth a news reporter could never access. There are feelings, gestures, words, works of art, that could only be created -- and savored -- through the altering of reality. As Mina, I have the uncommon luxury to indulge in the greatest pleasure: freedom -- of an extraordinary kind. In a world where every surface is measured, photographed and geolocated, I make my own luck.  I hacked the system.  

In the realm of intimacy, in the wonderland of escorting, I'm free to traverse the landscapes of my deepest desires, to meet gentlemen I would never otherwise cross paths with, and be myself, in a way impossible in the 'day-world'.  Oh, yes, I am quite real. 

Undress me with your eyes

My brief time escorting has shown me a world beyond  rules and transgressions: of whirlwind passions, secret escapes to exotic lands, hidden corners of Barcelona -- one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  But to really satiate me, share some quiet (well, sound-proofed?) time behind closed doors with me. 



. . . tracing the body of a lover, being made love to slowly, deeply, carefully, until the excruciating temptation of release drives us mad  . . .  animal instinct takes over,  the clever banter of the hours before happily forgotten . . .   I am fully his, losing myself in the light and dark, the rough, the gentle, the ecstasy.  We melt into each others arms, in silence or sweet nothings . . . our desire again woken after a blissful moment of slumber.

Let's step off the page
Meet me!
The plot long forgotten, the tiny details imprinted in my body's memory --

For the literary type: more lines to read between

Since I was a teenager, I've lived in 6 continents. Each time I moved, I took the opportunity to delve into reality from a different perspective.  With each new address, I could create myself from a new longing, from a desire growing out of my untamed imagination -- traveling, after all, keeps the soul wild.  Each new culture drew from me a new hobby, a new line of work, new friends, new lovers, a new worldview -- perhaps, a new name.   My first career ambition was to be an inventor, and I suppose, that's been the one constant thread. 


Follow the muse with me! Let's write a chapter together.

Natural blonde
Piercing blue eyes
170cm (5'6'')
Great ass ;-)
Shoe size: 39/6UK

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