Wilderness. The word itself is music.

It begins in the human mind [and body].

- Edward Abbey


1 hour:                 

1.5 hours                    2 hours:                    3 hours   





4 hours

5 hours

6 hours

In-date extensions




200 per hour

By the experience

For an organic unfolding

Dinner date: Take time with me to linger over sumptuous cuisine -- I'll prepare desert!


Shopping spree: For those who love to spoil  -- and bond with me -- over two ancient, indispensable past-times.   


Spa day: Soothe our souls with massage or other pampering treatments, turning me into white clay in your hands 


Evening: Theatre, opera, a show, a game, let's choose our own adventure and paint the town red!





Sleepover: pillow-fight, make-up, and morning kisses ;) (including 6-8 hours of sleep)


A day to dive into each other: Forget your watch and let go of the modern world for a full day of indulgence. Enter my world. 


Weekend away:  Escape from routine, nurture your body and soul, and work on your smile lines and belly-laugh!

(Extended engagements require some time each day for me to work out, meditate, primp and polish)

Travel dates: Fly me to you or plan a special trip with me. (See below)




Fly me to You

I live in Barcelona, but if you won't be in my neighborhood anytime soon, I would be delighted to travel to meet you.  Whether I am your sweet evening retreat from work, or your lover and confidante on an exotic getaway, travel trips are a great way to my nomadic, adventure-loving heart.

I love to revisit old haunts and have endless fascination to step foot in new ones. Travel dates are a wonderful way of refreshing our senses as we dive into the new possibilities of each other!


 In the case of shorter, nearby trips in Spain and throughout Europe, I can make myself available with a few days' notice, a ticket, and a 50% deposit.  For long-haul flights, I'll need at least a weeks' notice and a 60% deposit, along with visa considerations.  


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Naturally, fees listed are for my time and companionship.  This is not only an obligatory disclaimer, but implies that travel and other expenses are additional to my fees.  Deposits are required for longer dates.  If cancelled within 48 hours of our date, it can be applied to a future date.  Should I need to cancel, of course, the deposit will be refunded in full. If we meet in public, please offer me the envelope in a gift bag or a book.  Privately, please leave the envelope in clear view. Good, old-fashioned cowboy ethics (cowboyethics.org) are irresistible to me, and truly turn me on.  If you are wondering about anything, ask me!

Let's make a date!

I love contact via email! Send me an introduction and some musings on how you envision our first date, using the form below, or to my email: alchemicalmina@protonmail.ch


You can also reach me at +34 697659585 via WhatsApp.  

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