Early 30's
Piercing blue eyes
Shoe size: 39/6UK
Great ass ;-)
170cm (5'6'')
Size 36 Euro / 6UK
Natural blonde


What services do you offer? 

Girlfriend Experience.  I'm  sensual, romantic, open-minded and adventurous, so if you have something particular you'd like to try with me, just ask ;-)


Do you like to kiss?

Absolutely.  Long, slow, passionate, deep . . . 


Do you see men with physical disabilities, Aspergers, etc.? 

Yes, please don't hesitate to contact me!  I love seeing men of all abilities and I'm an advocate for neuro-diversity.   :-)


What kind of men do you prefer to date? 

It should go without saying that I adore men of all races.  I love dates with kind men who make me laugh.  A mental connection is great foreplay for a physical connection.   


Do you shave 'down there'?   

Yes, but I leave a 'landing strip.'  


Where are you really from? 

USA!  But I've lived all over the world.


Do you have friends for a threesome? 

Yes!  Please ask me, I'd love playing with friends!


Will you travel within Spain for a date? 

Yes, for any date longer than 2 hours I am happy to travel, with a deposit.


How about out of Spain? 

Yes!  I love travel dates.  Please see "Fly Me To You" under 'How to Meet".

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